Sunday, September 05, 2004

The CAVNET DataBase Builder Program - The Simple Way To Enhance Your Site

Add information to your site easily and quickly - Educate your audience about violence against women and disability rights

Want to add information to your website written by experts in the field? Want to give your audience information about domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, incest, stalking, human rights, disability rights, child abuse, and crime victims with disabilities?

Want to post announcements to your website quickly, without waiting for your web person to "get around to it"?

Want the latest studies posted to your site?

Want information about the connections between animal abuse and domestic violence?

Do what some of the leading organizations in the nation have done - get CAVNET's DataBaseBuilder Program and add an online library to your site - an online library that draws from CAVNET's extensive online library.

With our program, you can select any document from CAVNET's database and add it to your site!

Visitors will see the information on your site, with your logo. You can update the selections as many times as you want, as often as you want, without knowing any computer language at all. Select and click - it's as simple as that. And you can add announcements as often as you want as well, keeoing your site fresh and new.

For an example, take a look at (click on library after entering site).

Contact us at for pricing and further information.


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