Wednesday, June 16, 2004

How a Survivor Used CAVNET

Dear Marc: I just wanted to thank you for CAVNET. Over the past few months it has become an unbelievable resource for me in several areas of my life....One of the most important results of CAVNET is the empowerment I have found... I live in a very rural area of New Mexico – cut off from many of the resources that are found in the more metropolitan areas. CAVNET has given me the resources and the contacts that I would not otherwise have access to.

Let me give you an example of how CAVNET has personally helped me. I was being stalked by an individual who later was caught, incarcerated, and ended up taking his own life. I live alone and felt that I was cut off from help. I posted to the CAVNET listserv, and the information, resources, recommendations of books to read, personal experience, and legal advice was overwhelming. I had replies from counselors, police, authors, doctors, and many others. Most invaluable, I had advice from other survivors. I had the very tools I needed to accomplish what had to be done. I was able to follow the correct path in getting a restraining order, taking steps to keep myself safe, and doing things to prevent it from happening again. My fears were shared with others, and validated. I was also able to see that even though I had been left deaf and had a traumatic brain injury from past victimization, I am still able to become empowered to do what many others can.

I am so grateful that I can have these invaluable tools through the Internet. This is about the only way that they will be available to me. The disability community in New Mexico applauds you for CAVNET. I am extremely grateful for the help in my own situation. Another life saved and ready to help another do the same.

– Survivor