Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The CAVNET DataBase Builder Program - The Simple Way To Enhance Your Site

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a way for you to easily and inexpensively add any of the documents in our online database to your website. Join McGruff the Crime Dog's lead (The National Crime Prevention Council), the Family Justice Center (enter site and click on library)and others who have already purchased this program. You can also use the site as a stand-alone website. See, for example, End Bullying, Campus Violence, and Custody Expertise.

You will also be able to post announcements on your site from the road, without any delay or difficulty.

Please visit CAVNET for full details and pricing.

Bonnie Campbell, the former Director of the Violence Against Women Office, has said of the resource:

"CAVNET has shown itself to be the premier online database concerning violence against women.... Not only does CAVNET provide timely and substantive research online, it does so in a way that saves time and resources. The busier you are, the more valuable it is. It's like having a research team of experts, available night and day... As former Director of the Violence Against Women Office at the Justice Department, I'm proud to be on CAVNET's Board of Directors, and grateful for the resource.... And now, with the introduction of the CAVNET Database Builder, CAVNET's online research database can be on the website of every individual and organization concerned about violence. It's the most innovative antiviolence tool out there, and with the quality and breadth of the information, and the growing number of professionals building and using the database, it should be."


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