Saturday, August 28, 2004

How Prosecutors Have Used CAVNET

Join the San Diego City Attorney's Office, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, the Oakland California District Attorney's Office, and many others across the country in enhancing your services to victims and in enhancing your work by connecting to others and obtaining information and resources quickly.

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Nancy E. O'Malley, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County District Attorney's Office Oakland, California:

“Through the incredible level of networking, including the support and participation of people from around the country, CAVNET has become the premier listserv on violence against women issues. Through CAVNET, expeditious legal research is extensive and broad based. Important social and political dialogue is fostered, which allows us to continue to examine what we as a country, we in the different states and local communities are doing to respond to violence against women. These social and political conversations have empowered those of us working in this field, as well as those experiencing violence as part of their lives, to implement effective change with the hope and belief that some day, we will bring an end violence against women. Without CAVNET, these national conversations simply would not occur. CAVNET has brought together such a powerful, broad and eclectic group who, by a touch of the keyboard, can be current with the issues and have a national voice. It is those individuals participating in CAVNET who can and will create a world free of violence against women.”


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